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Bike to Work Tips

Here are some tips to help make your Bike to Work Day safe and enjoyable!


For riders


Before the Ride:


  1. Check your bike to make sure the tires are inflated, brakes work, and the bike is in good working condition.
  2. Make sure your helmet fits. It should sit straight on your head without sliding around.
  3. Find your best route to work. Visit to find a good route that avoids busy streets.
  4. Try your route on a weekend. You can expect more traffic during the week, so you’ll be more prepared if you try out the route on a quiet day.
  5. Scope out bike parking at your place of work. Make sure you have a good lock. As your employer to provide secure parking, if it isn’t already available.
  6. Pick up a Velcro strap to wrap around your pant leg if you’re going to wear your work clothes when you ride. They’re inexpensive, available at bike shops, and can keep your pants from getting caught in your bike chain.
  7. Take a look at Hermosa Beach’s very helpful bike safety brochure. It offers lots of great tips of how to navigate in traffic. You can find it at, then click on Share the Road (halfway down the center list.)
  8. Let us know you’re going ride! We’d love to know whether we get as many riders as Chicago or Philadelphia! Send us an email at, or better yet, register at Counting riders helps build bike infrastructure and improve safety.


During the Ride:

  1. Ride defensively. Stay on the right side of the road, watch cars, ride predictably. You read the Hermosa Beach safety brochure, so you know how to navigate traffic, right?
  2. Wear your helmet!
  3. Don’t wear or use earphones of any kind – mobile phone, MP3 player, etc. You know.
  4. Enjoy the day! Have fun being out in the fresh air, moving your body, taking in the sights.


After the Ride:

  1. Give yourself a pat on the back. You did something worthwhile today. By participating in Bike to Work Day, and being counted, you helped make biking a real alternative to driving.
  2. Let us know how it went. Share your sucess on our Official South Bay Bicycle Group Facebook page at Or send us an email at
  3. Join us in our quest to help make the South Bay more healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly. Sign up to become a member of the South Bay Bicycle Coalition.


For Drivers:

  1. Keep an eye out for riders, especially during the week of May 16-22. Many area schools are holding Bike to School events on Friday, May 22.
  2. When you park at a curb, make sure to check your rear-view mirrors for bikes before you open your door to exit your vehicle.
  3. Stay at least 3 feet away from bikes when passing.
  4. Keep focused on the road – try to avoid using mobile phones.